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About Console Wraps

ConsoleWraps are a company that is dedicated to providing perfect games consoles skins that will set you apart from your friends! All of our skins are produced using the highest quality materials and techniques available. This allows us to offer some of the best designed skins on the market.

What is a Custom Console Skin?

Game console skins are decals or stickers that can be used to protect the surfaces of your devices. They are designed in a way to cover all parts of your console that can be damaged. Skins come in all different designs, all you have to do is find the right match for your personality, favourite movie or game franchise. Get ahead of the game and personalise your Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo to add some colour and stand out amongst your friends!

Custom PlayStation Skins, Wraps & Stickers
We only use the best materials for our game consoles skins that protect from scratches, dust and dirt
Make your console stand out from your friends by adding a splash of colour, characters and movies
Our products are printed using industry leading ink to provide products that enhance your games console.
Custom Xbox Series X Skins, Wraps & Stickers

Why Choose Us?

Our products are sourced and made with the customer in mind. Our products offer high quality protection and colour to continue to game without the worry for scratches, dust, dents and wearing of your favourite gaming gear.

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