Cartoon Faces Nintendo Switch Lite Skin, Wrap & Sticker
Cartoon Faces Nintendo Switch Lite Skin

Cartoon Faces Nintendo Switch Lite Skin


What are the benefits of our Nintendo Switch Lite skin wraps:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite wraps with a perfect fit.
  • Our skins are made from high-quality, adhesive vinyl.
  • Protects your console from dirt, dust and minor scratches.
  • Easy to apply to your console and leaves no residue when removing.
  • Vibrant designs to let your Nintendo Switch Lite shine.

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Cartoon Faces

Nintendo Switch Lite Protective Skin


Add a little bit of character to your Nintendo Switch Lite with an innovative skin that offers the perfect protection. Our Nintendo Switch Lite decals help protect your console from scratches and light liquid spills, with a vinyl wrap that is cut for the perfect fit. All of our skins are printed and developed with the highest quality in mind.


Cartoon Faces Nintendo Switch Lite Skin, Wrap & Sticker



Our easy step-by-step instructions included in the packaging will make sure you apply your custom Nintendo Switch Lite skin perfectly. Our skins leave no residue if you ever need to remove later.

  1. Make sure to wash your hands and clean your console and controllers. Making sure there are no dust and oil of your devices is essential for a clean application of the vinyl skin.
  2. Remove the button cutouts from the adhesive vinyl to allow the perfect fit.
  3. Start to slowly and carefully apply the Nintendo Switch Lite skin wrap, making sure you use card to squeeze away the air bubbles that may form. If you see an air pocket start to form you still have time to peel the vinyl back and merge to your console.
  4. You can use a hair drier to slightly warm the vinyl to help eliminate air pockets.


  • 1 x Nintendo Switch Lite Front skin
  • 1 x Nintendo Switch Lite Back Front skin
  • Application instructions





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